Hi all
Does anyone a complete discography of Edwyn's solo career?

I couldn't find one on the net.

I am sure between us we could create it, but if someone had already written it up, I would like to see it.

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That's a new site to me.
Not sure how complete it is, but it's a good start.
Here's a list of the early singles:

7 Inch
Paul Quinn & Edwyn Collins Pale Blue Eyes (edited version) b/w Burro Swamplands 1984
Paul Quinn Ain’t That Always The Way b/w Punk Rock Hotel Swamplands 1985
Edwyn Collins Don’t Shilly Shally b/w If Ever You’re Ready Elevation (WEA) 1987
My Beloved Girl b/w Clouds (Fogging Up My Mind) Elevation (WEA) 1987
50 Shades Of Blue b/w If Ever You’re Ready Demon 1989
A Girl Like You b/w You’re On Your Own Setanta 1995
Keep On Burning b/w Won’t Turn Back Setanta 1996
Adidas World b/w High Fashion Setanta 1997
The Beatles b/w Welwyn Garden City Setanta 2001

12 Inch
Paul Quinn & Edwyn Collins Pale Blue Eyes b/w Burro Swamplands 1984
Paul Quinn Ain’t That Always The Way b/w Punk Rock Hotel (Closing Time) + Corrina, Corrina Swamplands 1985
Edwyn Collins Don’t Shilly Shally b/w If Ever You’re Ready + Queer Fish Elevation (WEA) 1987
My (Long Time) Beloved Girl b/w Clouds (Fogging Up My Mind) Cumulunimbus Version + My Beloved Girl Elevation (WEA) 1987
Coffee Table Song b/w Judas In Blue Jeans + Out There Demon 1989
50 Shades Of Blue (Extended Version) + Kindred Spirit b/w Just Call Her Name + Ain’t That Always The Way Demon 1989
If You Could Love Me (Single Edit) + In A Broken Dream b/w Insider Dealing + If You Could Love Me (M.C.Esher Mix) Setanta 1995

1. 50 shades of blue 2. Judas in blue jeans, 3. Kindred spirit 4. Just call her name demon 1989
1. A Girl Like You 2. Don’t Shilly Shally 3. Somethings Brewing 4. Bring It On Back Setanta 1995
1. If You Could Love Me 2. If Ever You’re Ready 3. Come To Your Senses 4. A Girl Like You (Victorian Spaceman Mix) Setanta 1995
1. If You Could Love Me 2. In A Broken Dream 3. Hope And Despair 4. Insider Dealing Setanta 1995
1. A Girl Like You 2. If You Could Love Me (Acoustic Version) 3.Don’t Shilly Shally (Spotter’s 86 Demo Version) 4. You’re On Your Own Setanta 1995
1. Keep On Burning 2. Won’t Turn Back 3. You’ve Grown A Beard 4. A Girl Like You (Live) Setanta 1996
1. Keep On Burning 2.If You Could Love Me (In Time And Space) 3. Lava Lamp 4. The Campaign For Real Rock (Battle Of Brazil Mix) Setanta 1996
1. Adidas World 2. Mr. Bojangles 3. Talking ‘Bout The Times 4. High Fashion Setanta 1997
1. Adidas World (7" Extended Radio Re-mix) 2. Episode 3 3. Episode 5 4. Episode 10 (No, No, No Adidas World) Setanta 1997
1. The Magic Piper (Of Love) 2. More Than You Bargained For 3. Red Menace 4. It Takes A Little Time Setanta 1997
1. The Magic Piper (Of Love) 2. Who Is It? 3. Who Is It? (Halterbacked By The Victorian Spaceman) 4. Welwyn Garden City Setanta 1997
1. Johnny Teardrop 2. Never Felt Like This 3. The Popstar Setanta 2002
Someone on the Rip It Up mailing list posted a large PDF document they had compiled of Edwyn's entire discography - it's excellent and comprehensive.

I can post it up here if you're interested
That would be a good idea! Go on ...
It's quite a large PDF file - written by Phil Hubbard and posted a while back on the Rip It Up mailing list. It goes right up to Home Again (but not the singles I don't think)

Here is a link to download it via mediafire

Thanks Frankie, it seems it's a bit more than a discography ... and thanks to Phil, who has written and put together the whole thing. That was a lot of work ...



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