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Edwyn & Grace were on the 5Live mid-PM show - I think it was Richard Bacon - approx 1-2 years ago.


I missed the whole thing apart from the final 5 minutes, during which there was some chat and he did a song.

I was gutted because in the short section that I caught they were typically engaging / charming / funny / inspiring and the song was fantatsic.


I'm an irregular fan, so don't know the back catalogue in detail and so can't place the song.

Does anyone remember this show (from the extensive detail I've supplied!) and if so, can you let me know what the closing song was and if there's a recording of show / song anywhere.


Many thanks

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Hi Richard,

It was on the Simon Mayo show, but presented that week by Richard Bacon as you say,
think Mayo was on hols.
Was broadcast July 2009, and here it is.......

Hope that link works ok.

It was a song called Low Expectations....I'm going to put it on the player on the home page right now just for you Richard. It originally featured on an album called Hellbent on Compromise, but Edwyn did a later, better version which was on an impossible to get here it is.
Christ, I've just listened to that link below, I sound like I'm on speed. I am never going on the radio again, ever. That was horrific. Edwyn and Carwyn gorgeous, fast forward to the end and shut that madwoman up.
Not at all Grace, was a great interview. Always good fun when you two are on together.
Thanks all, fantastic stuff

Was watching the Home Again docu on Ytube the other night - me and the wife both think you are ace



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