One of the joys of seeing 'Juice (only managed once) and too much later Edwyn (can't count, so many: first was joyous Kilburn National Ballroom concert c My Beloved Alan McGee) was/(is again!!! ) his pisstakes of other, lesser and richer artistes.

When I saw the Juice at Colchester Uni on the Orange Juice tour as a pretty wee lad, I was overwhelmed - and sold for life - when Edwyn introduced a song as being about/by (can't recall) Morrissey. Was sold for life after that. The song was I Guess I'm Just a Little (Too Sensitive).

At Kilburn National Ballroom he interrupted My Beloved Girl for a chat break in which he spoke: "Take Me Dancing Naked in the Rain" then followed it with "Take Me Shopping Naked in the Rain". He introduced another tune as a Lloyd Cole cover "available in Penguin Classics".

On similar track his introductions of the band have always been joyous. I was at what I think was the last gig before the strokes hit - at the ICA, supported by fledgling janglers the Magic Numbers - when he invited audience members to "admire the packett" on Andy Hackett. At Kilburn years before, he introduced Dennis Bovell, the Dub Master, as a one-off in an industry chockfull of "Plaster Casters".

At a Union Chapel gig, where Bernard Butler swelled the (solo) ranks for a cover of Python Lee Jackson ("Rod's never sounded better") and wound up BB by referencing the questionable manliness of Les Suedes' new 12 yo replacement guitarist. Wotsisname?

Another Union Chapel moment I recall introduced Paul Pistol as the touring band's "Cook" beloved by the band for his croque monsieur.

The list must be more or less infinite, but I still laugh at the memories, which include a generic take-off Mad Axe-man moment when Edwyn lauched into a HUGE guitar solo (having earlier asked the audience to raise their hands if they played "the dreaded axe") during which he played the former Iggy Pop drummer's cymbals with his feet.

Raw genius, coming to a royal command performance near you soon!

(BTW John Cale OBE? Hello? This is the Man calling!! I've been waiting for YOU up at Lexington 125 all afternoon and I need business. Now you're telling me you've been at the Palace??? Sick and dirty)

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There's some nice snatches of intersong persiflage on the Black Sessions Gorgeous George concert recording (see separate entry). Lovely bit where Edwyn and band complete scorching reading of The Campaign for Real Rock, and Sir E says; "Obviously it's impossible to carry on playing with that level of intensity, so here's some light relief" before moving on to Make Me Feel Again. Also says : "French people, this next song is called Out of this World, and I tell you [adopts rock voice] it is out of this world!"
"this is a Lloyd Cole song, its called we built this city on Penguin classics"
" this gizmo is used by Godley and Creme - a great lttle band"
" there's a wee trainspotter down the front who's requesting some onscure b side from 1980-whenever. Silly sod" (PS. I was the silly trainspotter in question)



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Dear Edwyn,

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