Anyone any idea where I can get hold of guitar tabs for OJ and Edwyn songs? On the internet I can only find Rip it up. Ive come back to guitar after many years away and my ear isnt good enough to work them out myself!

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any songs in particular? i don't claim to be an authority, but i can muddle through a few
Hi Allan
thanks for replying. Blue Boy, falling and laughing and felicity would be fab.
Nice one, I was thinking that this would be a good idea for a discussion thread.
I have also been looking for these. I have seen the ones on chordie, but I am not sure how accurate they are. Mind you it could be my playing. Any further info would be great. I am going to make up a disc of favourites and see if my guitar teacher can work any of it out better than me, and teach me some. I will let you know if this works out at all. Having seen Roddy Frame in action in Edwyn's band I am resigned to the fact that I will never be as good as him, or even as good as he was when he was 17 and starting out!
30 yrs on and those are still my thoughts, the man is just........Great ,as of course is oor Edywn, just have to keep on keeping on. :)
Good luck folks! Dennis Bovell used to say "Collins.....his chords are the best, the things he comes up with..." Edwyn in his younger days didn't know what they were called, the weirder ones. If he was teaching them to someone he would have to show them. I can hear him saying...."It's that, see..then that." And very proficient musicians would have a good close stare. He's still doing that these days as the names have eluded him again. His left hand can still form the shapes. He thinks he's forgotten a lot of chords, until someone gets it wrong, and miraculously it comes back. "No, no no! Stop, stop stop!" Roddy, naturally, needs no help. Firstly, he's known Edwyn's music so long. Secondly, he's a genius. He hears it, he knows what it is. If you're really stuck on something, ask me and I'll ask Edwyn or Roddy.
The best chords are the ones you cannot really give a name
I have just come across this guy on youtube who does a pretty good version of Rip It Up and Bridge, with lots of help;

I tried to embed the video but failed. Enjoy.
the chords for Felicity are: E A and B throughout. then theres a chord change to G and D for the chorus.

consolation prize is just E A B too.

poor old soul chords are: D - Gm - G - Gm , for intro, verses and outro, and when it changes to,
" forlorn, i'm tattered and torn...." the chords are: F#m - D - F#m - A
and then for the "too tired to see, how sick youve grown...." the chords are: F#m - G - A - D.

i know falling and laughing too, but its too hard to describe, ill have a shot at properly writing it out!

thats a pretty shambolic description of Poor old Soul haha, but i hope it helps, that is exactly how its played, if you just take that and put the song on, it will all become clear.... and its fun to play...!
Hi Simon,

Have a look at the forum. It's not tab but, you know, chords and stuff.




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