I had the pleasure of being part of this (extremely scarily overcrowded) audience, but think I queued so long that I might have missed some of the Orange Juice stuff. Can vividly remember Roddy's set, but did Edwyn really announce the end of Orange Juice that night? Just been googling the event and read that he did. I was either too blootered, or outside when this momentous announcement was made (if indeed it was?).

Enlightenment, please. Cheers, Lucy

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He definitely did - then sang 'Rock'n'roll I gave you the best years of my life'
Thanks Malcolm. Och well, if anyone does a 'Where were you when', I now know my answer.

And even bigger thanks for Only Fun In Town, which along with You Can't Hide Your Love Forever, Crocodiles, Heaven Up Here and Speak & Spell were the soundtrack to my 1981 teenage bedroom life. Josef K and Orange Juice the most scratched of the bunch, obviously.
I can say for sure that Orange Juice ended at that event. I was living my dream playing guitar for my favourite group and bloody Edwyn put a stop to it. I did have the immense pleasure of being a semi-pro guitarist for Edwyn from 85 - 96 following this.
When Edwyn sang Rock and Roll I Gave You The Best Years of My Life, grown men dressed in the obligatory plaid shirts and bootlace ties wept openly. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. I think one of my photographs on Edwyn's site is from that very show.
It's weird to think it was 24 years ago.
Thanks Stephen - nice to get the view from the bridge!

Talk about stealing Arthur's thunder...
I sent off for a ticket to that gig but my Postal Order was returned by the Royal Mail, as somehow the letter got damaged in the sorting office.

I went to London that day with the intention of going to the gig, but saw a pair of trousers that i liked in Kensington Market & decoded to spend my money on them instead, thinking that i'll see the Juice the next time they play, having seen them 4 times in 1984...

My girlfriend decided she hated the trousers (she was right, they were awful).

Imagine my dismay when it was announced the juice had split the following week in the music papers.
Ooh, the fickleness of youth. Never mind, I missed it too, and was there.

We'll always have Hammersmith Palais, memorable for discovering that my best pal was involved with my first 'love'. We should have appreciated these gigs more at the time, hindsight...
What were the trousers like Allan? I loved Kensington market back then.
This is typically typical of Malcolm
Here are devoted fans and guitarists discussing the breaking up of a seminal band and all he can think about is the trousers. You sartorial genius - Ross.
The smart money is on tartan for the trews, surely?

Found an earlier thread from Stephen re miners gig that confirmed why I missed the moment - you lovely people came on first. They must have sold way too many tickets, hence the godawful crush and the queuing for donkeys outside. Quarter of a century on, miffed.
Kensington Market was great then, but sadly my taste in trousers wasn't. They were gray, tweedy & very baggy, with pleats. I thought I looked like Cary Grant in them. Unfortunately I just looked like a git in terrible trousers.
Not your sartorial slip-up, Allan. From the mid-eighties fashion and music went a bit awry.

Any pics of you sporting this significant purchase?
@Lucy - Thankfully no pictures of the trousers exist. I don't think I wore them much, as they reminded me of the fact that I'd never see Orange Juice ever again.

Here's a picture from about that time showing another, equally risible Kensington Market purchase:

Yes, I've blurred out some of the posters in Photoshop to spare my blushes. Wish I still had the Orange Juice poster though.



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