Anyone know what song this will be from Domino?


"In addition, when you pre-order Coals To Newcastle you'll receive an MP3 of a previously unreleased Orange Juice recording. This track isn't on the boxset and won't be released in the future."

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The BBC Sessions disc comes a very close 2nd! These would have been the first versions of most of these songs i ever heard. Dying Day...oh my word.

Heads up for OJ completists. Spotted the box set in Disc Union and they are offering a Postcard tote bag as an exclusive incentive to buy from there. You can see it here:

I asked Kris at Domino about the “extras” that were mentioned and he confirmed that the instrumental version of In A Nutshell is all we’re getting. They did contemplate doing an mp3 collection of the “best of
the bootlegs” live stuff but the quality wasn’t good enough.


I absolutely love this boxset to bits, but I think I’ve spotted one major (OK.. so it’s totally minor) mistake – just need to double check it before I claim the prize for saddest anorak

By the way - does anyone know the story behind the "Alexis Mix" of Burning Desire?


It seems to be someone doing a bad and silly impression of Alexis Korner over the end part of the song. The question is why?! I know that Korner died in Januay 1984 which must have been around the same time this was recorded?

Frankie what is the mistake? I am on tenterhooks.

OK - so the mistake is <drum roll>


They have accidentally included the Dub Version 2 of "Place In My Heart" from the NME cassette - rather than Dub Version 1 from the What Presence single as per the tracklisting/liner notes


I've just posted a fairly lengthy analysis (with the emphasis on the anal) of the omissions and errata here


Kris from Domino allowed me to post an mp3 of the missing Place In My Heart dub version 1 - and there is also a slightly cleaned up version of the missing Janice Long Session (slightly re-EQ'ed to sound a bit less murky and split the tracks into individual files).


Also an exclusive home-made remix of Flesh of My Flesh which I guarantee you will only listen to once!




Great infos on your blogspot, Frank - I have now bookmarked it. I think it took a long time and a few listenings to hear all those differences in the songs/versions of songs. Phew!



All things EDWYN and AED, NOW ON SALE:




and much, much more. . . 





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Thanks for that.



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