Some of The Smart Hacks to Draft 100% Plagiarism-Free Essays

Plagiarism is considered to be a serious breach of academic ethics. Students often tend to delegate their essay writing tasks to professional essay typer due to the fear of composing a plagiarized paper. Most colleges follow a strict protocol regarding plagiarism and even go to the extent of expelling their students if they find traces of plagiarism in the paper.

Observing the extreme consequences that plagiarism has on your academic career, the professional essay typers have prepared this dedicated article on plagiarism. Go through it carefully.Let’s now delve deeper into its basics.

Primarily you should be aware of these four major types of plagiarism:

Direct Plagiarism

When you copy someone else’s words verbatim, without proper acknowledgement and quotation marks, it results in direct plagiarism.

Mosaic Plagiarism

In mosaic plagiarism or patch-writing students tend to use synonyms to replace certain words or borrow some phrases from a source (while keeping the general body of the content the same as the original source).

Accidental plagiarism

Students often forget to cite the sources. Sometimes they also unintentionally paraphrase someone else’s work or misquote a renowned academician’s theory. This results in being severely penalized for accidental plagiarism.

Self Plagiarism

If you quote or copy from the assignments that you have already submitted, you might be penalized for self-plagiarism.

Still thinking, “I will ask an expert to do my essay for me as I’m not confident enough to write 100% plagiarism-free essays?”Do not worry. Just make a mental note of these guidelines, and soon you will be scoring A+ in all your academic endeavours:


Found that apt paragraph that justifies your research statement precisely? Make sure you do not copy it verbatim (unless you are using quotation marks). Instead, read the information thoroughly and try writing it down in your own words. Also, make sure you do not write more than two similar words in a row from the source text.

Cite properly

Citation becomes fundamental to avoid plagiarism. Once you cite each and every source you have borrowed your information from, you will automatically save yourself from becoming a victim of plagiarism. Follow this link to cite your sources accurately as per the university guidelines.


Once you find a suitable source that supports your argument, you can simply put it within quotation marks (also don’t forget to cite it). You must ensure that you are using the quote exactly as it appears in the source material. However, the research paper experts who provide cheap writing services, strongly recommend you to refrain from using ‘block quotes.’ Large paragraphs or quotes that consists of more 60 words won’t add much value to your paper as its often frowned upon by professors.

So as you see, one rule of thumb to avoid plagiarism will be being vigilant about citing all the sources with caution. Make sure you read and edit your papers thoroughly before submission. You can also use free online plagiarism checker software like, Grammarly, Essayassignmenthelp plagiarism checker or Writecheck to get an exact estimate of the percentage of plagiarism.


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