Can anyone out there provide and details about Alan Horne's follow up label to Postcard - Swamplands Records. Edwyn and Paul Quinn recorded two singles on there - Pale blue eyes and Aint that always the way but what I'm trying to find out is if anyone knows what catalogue numbers 2 and 7 relate to? I have all of them up to number 8, except 2 and 7 or were there any after number 8? Any information would be greatly appreciated, Stevie.

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Hi Stevie
Below is my attempt from a few years ago at a Swamplands discog - I have similar blanks to you but at least one more after 8!

SWX 1 Pale Blue Eyes c/w Pale Blue Eyes (Western) + Burro - Paul Quinn & Edwyn Collins (12”)
SWP 1 Pale Blue Eyes c/w Burro - Paul Quinn & Edwyn Collins (7”)
SWX 2 ???
SWX 3 The Angels Know c/w Ready To Fall + I Don’t Care If You Live Or Die - James King & The Lone Wolves (12”)
SWP 3 The Angels Know c/ I Don’t Care If You Live Or Die - James King & The Lone
Wolves (7”)
SWX 4 You Supply The Roses c/w Apres-Ski + I'll Supply The Wine – Memphis (12”)
SWP 4 You Supply The Roses c/w Apres-Ski – Memphis (7”)
SWX 5 Unamerican Broadcasting c/w Unamerican Broadcasting (remix) - Win
SWX 6 Ain't That Always The Way c/w Punk Rock Hotel + Corrina Corrina - Paul Quinn
SWX 7 ???
SWX 8 You've Got The Power c/w In Heaven - Win
SWX 10 Super Popoid Groove??? c/w ? - Win

Hi Rich, thank you so much, so we're up to number 10 are we? sadly that creates another gap at number 9 hehehe, still great info. If we all have the same gaps then I guess such numbers were either unreleased or allocated to promo items, etc. Here's the discography I put together if it's any use to you -

7" - Paul Quinn and Edwyn Collins - Pale blue eyes/Burro (SWP 1) 1984
12" - Paul Quinn and Edwyn Collins - Pale blue eyes/Pale blue eyes (Western)/Burro (SWX 1) 1984

7" - James King and the Lone Wolves - The angels know/I don't care if you live
or die (SWP 3) 1985
12" - James King and the Lone Wolves - The angels know/I don't care if you live
or die/Ready to fall (SWX 3) 1985

7" - Memphis - You supply the roses/Apres ski (SWP 4) 1985
12" - Memphis - You supply the roses/Apres ski/I supply the wine (SWX 4) 1985

12" - Win - Unamerican broadcasting/Unamerican broadcasting (SWX 5) 1985

7" - Paul Quinn and Edwyn Collins - Ain't that always the way/Punk rock hotel
(closing time) (SWP 6) 1985
12" - Paul Quinn and Edwyn Collins - Ain't that always the way/Punk rock hotel
(closing time)/Corrina Corrina (SWX 6) 1985

7" - Win - You got the power/In heaven (Lady in the radiator song) (SWP 8)
1985 (White sleeve)
7" - Win - You got the power/Unamerican broadcasting (SWPP 8) 1985 (Blue
12" - Win - You got the power (Chocolate thrills mix)/You got the power (7"
version)/In heaven (Lady in the radiator song) (SWX 8) 1985 (White sleeve)
12" - Win - You got the power (U.S. dance mix)/In heaven (Lady in the radiator
song)/Unamerican broadcasting (7" edit) (SWXX 8) (1985) (Blue sleeve)
12" - Win - You got the power (remix) (SWDX 8) (1986) (SWXX 8 12" in blue
sleeve plus SWX 5 in plain white paper sleeve shrinkwrapped together with
new swimming pool poster sleeve)
Hi Rich, nearly forgot there is also a promo 7" for Win - Unamerican broadcasting. It has no picture sleeve with the silver injection mould style label catalogue number - SWDJ5, B-side - Unamerican broadcasting (part two). This appears to be the only 7" format for number 5?
Stevie - great stuff I think we've filled a few small gaps, it is small steps with this stuff isn't it? Alan Horne himself is around here somewhere i think - he might be able help with the rest. You out there Alan?
The Alan Horne who is a member here is not The Alan Horne that ran Swamplands/Postcard.
Hehehe, I had a feeling it wasn't. It doesn't look much like him anyway, unless he's changed a lot. I remember a hilarious radio interview Alan did back in 1993 on Radio Scotland where the poor DJ was trying to get him to talk about the resurrected Postcard and Alan was coming out with some classic one liners along the lines of him just not caring one bit about the resurrection, he was saying it was just a tool to put out a few records by his mates and tie up a few loose ends, nothing more, nothing less. The poor DJ was getting nowhere, still got it on tape somewhere.
Darn - didn't really check out the AH on here just assumed. Oh well. Any news on the real one?
I could only give you the same info on Swamplands you already have.

At least there is only a couple of gaps, in the Postcard DUBH numbers there are about 36 missing items!
Aint that the truth......I have come to the conclusion that the majority of those DUBH numbers were essentially made up or just one offs like "Mrs Beddington's box" just like some of those Factory Records catalogue numbers like the Hacienda itself.



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