What does your Orange Juice/Edwyn Collins music collection consist of?

So far by Orange Juice I have:
1. You Can't Hide Your Love Forever (LP)
2. Bridge (45' single which came with a live version of "Poor Old Soul")
3. Lean Period (12' single)
4. Day I went Down To Texas (Flexidisc)
5. Texas Fever EP (Special French pressing :O)

I don't have any of Edwyn's solo records but I should be getting to work on that soon :)

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I think I have virtually everything on vinyl from early OJ to Dr Syntax.

Maybe the odd 12" single or 7" I don't have.
Orange Juice CDs:

The Orange Juice
You Can't Hide Your Love Forever
The Orange Juice / Can't Hide Your Love Forever (2 albums on 1 CD)
Ostrich Churchyard
Rip It Up
Texas Fever
The Heather's On Fire
Esteemed: The Very Best Of Orange Juice

I did have cassette copy of "In a Nutshell: Best of" but that got stolen.
I think I also have some vinyl, but it's away in storage at the moment.

Edwyn solo/collaborations CDs:

Message For Jojo - Bernard Butler / Edwyn Collins
Doctor Syntax
Gorgeous George
Hellbent On Compromise
Hope And Despair
I'm Not Following You
Home Again

I think that's pretty much all the albums, excluding a compilation or two. There's always at least two of these on my iPod at all time, in case of emergency :)
You've got me thinking, I'll have to start searching through my boxes, my singles are in chaos.
Oh...deep intake of finger strength...
vinyl I bought while growing up:
Orange Juice Postcard singles (Simply Thrilled, Blueboy, Poor Old Soul, etc)
vinyl for You Can't Hide, Rip It Up, Texas Fever, The Orange Juice, What Presence 12", Felicity 12", Flesh Of My Flash 7",
vinyl for Edwyn solo My Beloved Flame 12", Hope & Despair, Hellbent On Compromise, Paul Quinn & Edwyn 12"
CD;s: All Orange Juice releases (& posthumous comps), and every Edwyn solo!

Guess I am a bit of a fan!
Postcard singles- Blue Boy, Simply Thrilled Honey, Poor Old Soul, Blue Boy Cd single
Polydor singles - L.O.V.E.Love 12", Felicity 12", Two Hearts Together 10", I Can't Help Myself 12", Rip It Up 7" double pack, Rip It Up 12", Flesh Of My Flesh 12", Bridge 12", What Presence 12", Lean Period 12"
TheDay I Went To Texas Flexi
All OJ Albums on vinyl including In A Nutshell
Edwyn Collins and Paul Quinn - Pale Blue Eyes 12", Aint that Always The Way 12"
OJ CD - all 4 digital remasters, The Heathers On Fire, Ostrich Churchyard, The Esteemed OJ, The Glasgow School
Edwyn Collins - Don't Shilly Shally 7", My Beloved Girl 7" box
Hope And Despair Vinyl
50 Shades of Blue cd single
all Edwyn albums on cd including Elevation Days
EXpressly Ep 1 & 2, If You Could Love Me 1&2 and French version, Keep On Burning 1&2, The Magic Piper 1&2, Adidas World 1&2, Johnny Teardrop Youll Never Know My Love, Youll Never Know My Love Promo, Make Me Feel Again Import
A casual Introduction Cd
The Beatles 7", Home Again 7"
Playgroup No1 cd single, Playgroup, Playgroup album
Edwyn Collins And Bernard Butler - message for jojo single
Gabin Feat Edwyn Collins - Mr Freedom
Edwyn Collins on compilations - Ding A Dong, The Gospel According To Tony Day, 1977, Kindred Spirit, Dream Lover, Aint THat A Shame, I Rise From Dreams Of Time, Love Is Strange And a Dodgy download of Get It On live with Boy George.
Edwyn also appears on Aztec Camera - Stray and B side of Good morning Britain a live version of Consolation Prize with Roddy Frame.
Wow, you all have quite the collection. I am impressed!
Edwyn also appears (and produces) on two fantastic A House lps: I Am The Greatest and, um, the next one that I can't remember the title of.
There's also a brilliant live "Consolation Prize" by him and Roddy Frame on the US cd single of Good Morning Britain.
...and the wonderful "I Hear A New World" double 12" set of remixes off I'm Not Following You.
you have to be kidding.... My house is a library gone mad... there is NO way I could put it all together in a list for you. Is it a bad thing when you visit West Heath Studios and Edwyn has to dig for a gift that I don't have! Thanks Edwyn again!
I have some cool original artwork for the self titled OJ cassette, lots of OJ test pressings, live recordings of both Edwyn and OJ, OJ on laservision, a wine glass that Edwyn drank out of (my wife stole that from Maxwells in NJ), and lots of tee shirts. TOO MUCH STUFF!
Please take a look at my photo collection part one.
I also have the regular releases on cd and vinyl.
Cheers, Johan
Well now we know where to turn if we desperately need something. Edwyn's collection of his own stuff is miniscule compared to you guys. We're rubbish. x
anything I have is yours if needed.

Grace Maxwell said:
Well now we know where to turn if we desperately need something. Edwyn's collection of his own stuff is miniscule compared to you guys. We're rubbish. x
Well here's a thing. I started thinking about the Theme to the Punk Rock Hotel, B side of 'Ain't That Always the Way' written and produced by Edwyn for Paul Quinn. The piano was played beautifully by Paul Heard, later the main man of M People! This was a film idea Alan Horne had, rumours of which circulated for a long time, but which never came to fruition. I haven't heard it in over 20 years. I loved it. Could anyone put it up here and I'll see if I can put in the player?

Greg said:
anything I have is yours if needed.

Grace Maxwell said:
Well now we know where to turn if we desperately need something. Edwyn's collection of his own stuff is miniscule compared to you guys. We're rubbish. x



All things EDWYN and AED, NOW ON SALE:




and much, much more. . . 



  • 1.
    Lean Period
  • 2.
    A Sad Lament
  • 3.
  • 4.
    Low Expectations
  • 5.
    What Presence_!
  • 6.
    The Measure of the Man
  • 7.
    One Is a Lonely Number
  • 8.
    Campaign for Real Rock


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