That was bleeping sublime. Sorry I missed Malcolm, he was playing as I approached. Had to feed baby daughter. Anyhow, as we say up the road. Incredible. Not set foot out the evening door for 6 months and that was so worth it.

Not sure if any of you lot follow the Manics, but Bradfield was there, trying his best to dance and nod his head in a field of STIFFS. My big sister and I did our best for Edwyn and red wine sales. Aged 49 and 45 respectively. James Dean Bradfield a true fan, and a completely without ego genuine person. Edwyn's set walked. And thank you for bird tee.

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In reply to earlier post yes he did play A Girl Like You, last song before the encore.

Excuse my ignorance but whose Samantha Morton ? though I had to check this too to find out.
It was a night to live long in memory. Edwyn was arguably on the best form since he's come back. Very relaxed. And the band were just brilliant. They were:
Andy Hackett - Edwyn guitarist of long standing
Barrie Cadogan - genius guitarist and front man with his own band Little BarrieEdwyn and Seb produced their first album and are currently working on their third. Barrie also plays in Primal Scream and sometimes with Paul Weller.
Carwyn Ellis - bass....but he's so much more than that. He fronts Colorama, who played before Edwyn. Carwyn can play literally anything, and beautifully.
Dave Ruffy - Was a founder member of The Ruts. Edwyn played regularly with Dave at the start of his solo career. Dave has played with millions of famous people.
Sean Read - We met Sean when he was in the Rockingbirds with Andy and he has played with Edwyn ever since. He's on b.vox on A Girl Like You. Sean is another multi - talented soul, can play everything and sings glorious harmonies ( with Carwyn). We're lucky to get Sean cause he's always busy, up until recently on tour with the Manic Street Preachers.
Set list from last night:
Falling and Laughing
Poor Old Soul
What Presence?!
Make Me Feel Again
Hope and Despair
You'll Never Know (My Love)
Home Again
Wheels of Love
Dying Day
Consolation Prize
Rip it Up
One Track Mind
Don't Shilly Shally
What Is My Role?
A Girl Like You
Searching For The Truth
Low Expectations
I'm Losing Sleep

The new songs:
What is my Role? was co- written with Ryan Jarman, from The Cribs, who are like family to us. Edwyn had the bones of the song when Ryan appeared one day in the studio and they came up with what Will thinks is the catchiest track his dad has recorded in years. He's quite a harsh critic.
I'm Losing Sleep is the first full song that Edwyn came up with when he rediscovered his writing mojo at the end of last year. Paul Cook does the northern soul drumming on it and Barrie plays guitar and bass.

A big message in dispatches for the genius of Seb Lewsley who mixed the live sound last night and at all of Edwyn's shows in recent years. Seb hates touring but has done it for Edwyn. On Saturday, when we were filming, he created a beautiful live mix.
And to Gary our TM, heinz our production manager, Mikey, world's best technician, and Warren, lots of love and thanks. Oh, and that T shirt boy, he's brilliant, if a tad messy....
aw, fab gig, thanks very much to all - can I also comment on the venue which I've never even heard of before but, along with Edwyn's performance, took my breath away and made the night even more special?! anyway, reason for my post really is to know where I can buy another t-shirt (grey heron)
I feel lucky to have bought mine just before the show started and before the post-gig scramble (when Will was a little calmer!) and now want to buy another for a Christmas present for a mate...
Great night, what a band!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
You folks gave us such a thrill !

We came up all the way from Munich, Germany to see Edwyn Collins on stage again ...
(Edwyn, we saw your show in Munich in the early 90ies ... remember the "Muffathalle"?!)

Boy, it's good to see Edwyn back on his feet again.

(And Barrie! You got a new fan ... fantastic guitar-playing!!)
consolation prize? dying day? why did I move out of london?
This was an excellent concert, thank you very much. I love Edwyn Collin's songs especially Home Again, You Never Know, and the obvious ones A Girl Like You and Rip It Up. Edwyn is such an engaging and warm-hearted performer. What I like about him are the emotions described in the songs, hence I'm looking forward to hearing the new batch of songs "What is My Role". Hand on heart, I can say that bands like Pulp, Franz Ferdinand, Richard Hawley, Bernard Butler, The Cribs, 1990s would be musically much poorer without the influence of Edwyn.
Sounds like a fantastic night - not jealous we missed it at all! Grace mentioned it being filmed - is that right? If so any plans for a release or anything?
We did indeed film, properly too, seven cameras! I'll see the footage very soon. We've got some other bits and pieces to sort out, and then Edwyn and Seb will think about editing it together with some old stuff maybe. Seb is very talented at this kind of thing, I'll be leaning on him heavily. We'll try to make it something special.
Very much looking forward to seeing any or all of the gig again.



All things EDWYN and AED, NOW ON SALE:




and much, much more. . . 



  • 1.
    Lean Period
  • 2.
    A Sad Lament
  • 3.
  • 4.
    Low Expectations
  • 5.
    What Presence_!
  • 6.
    The Measure of the Man
  • 7.
    One Is a Lonely Number
  • 8.
    Campaign for Real Rock


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