Dear OJ fans/guitar players,


Please find attached a draft of the distillation of 25 odd years of trying to figure out how he does it. I hope someone finds it useful and that it stimulates some sharing of ideas as to corrections/revisions/additions.


I originally put it on the Songs and Tabs section of the forum but it seems to have slipped off the radar. I got some welcome feedback at the time (thanks guys) and if you look there, Gary Cochran's comment about how difficult it is to figure out the chords for OJ songs is one I heartily agree with. Any ideas you have about, for example, the key of untitled melody or whether chords need tweaking would be very welcome.


I have used chord positions up and down the neck according to what my ears tell me are the dominant sounds but that is obviously personal preference. Any ideas as to the filling out and layering of the arrangements would be welcome.


Lastly, can anybody supply with the lyrics to punch drunk? It would make me a happy man.



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Hi Gary,
I have just saved the latest version of this and will go and look at the solo stuff shortly. As you say the records seem to have layers of guitar, and I suspect that some of the chords are being strummed and picked in a variety of positions at the same time. I very much doubt that everyone can play these already, but in general the interest on the internet in OJ material is less than in some other stuff, as they never really became popular in the US (what with Zeke not being able to enter and leave the country etc).
Like you I play some of the records over and over and never tire of them. The slower tracks on "Rip it Up" are my absolute favourites - tracks like "Tenterhooks" and "Louise Louise". My own efforts on the guitar don't really come near sounding right, but I am enjoying trying.

I can feel this power awake,
this punch drunk heart just will not break,
and I will jump or crawl or creep,
no difference high or steep.

And I can feel the black lies fly,
they're in my sleep; they're in my eyes,
I hate this head, these feet and hands,
I'm tired of being a man.

Load me up with something to give me Chinese eyes,
Beneath the crazy paving I fear the next surprise.

Now I can't wait or hesitate,
just one slip and it's too late,
and I won't make that old mistake,
cause you can't fool with fate.

And I will push this punch drunk heart,
down many roads until we part,
this punch drunk heart just will not break,
not while this power's awake.

Load me up with something to give me Chinese eyes,
beneath the crazy paving I fear the next surprise,
let's go to the basement, but carefull on the stair,
for one eternal instant the web of fate may tear.


think these are right - hadn't listened to the song for years, do you find the lyrics particularly hard to make out Gary.

best of luck,
Thanks Malcolm, there were a few lines and phrases that sound crystal clear now I've seen them in print. (I kept hearing ...these beaten hands... instead of ...these feet and hands. Things like that)

It's a beaut of an album; so much in there for a guitar player. Is it you doing those fast trebly runs in the verse of Punch Drunk? Fierce timing and so clean. My copy still has the price sticker on it from WH Smiths. The best £2.99 I ever spent.

It could very well be Denis playing the parts you mentioned; I made the parts up but seem to remember them being pretty hard to execute. Dennis was great to work with - always been very proud of the said mini album.
I saw Dennis a couple of times at Edwyn's gigs in 86/87 (Brunel Academy and somewher in NW London I think?), playing Bass. Scary eyes for the punters behind those shades but he was really funny. Such a good player. I had a mate at Brunel and me and another mate took a couple of road trips down the M1 from the NE in my Dad's old heap of a car. Intrepid stuff.

I think you're being modest though.
If you made them up you could play them...
Some corrections and with the right lyrics to 'Punch Drunk' supplied by Malcolm.
With 'Bury My Head In My Hands' (thanks Martin, it's a winner) and 'Poor Old Soul'.
Thanks Martin,

I've added it to the Orange Juice Songbook along with 'Poor Old Soul'. As far as the singles are concerned, is 'The Glasgow School' CD a comprehensive set of the early ones? I'd like to add all of the singles that aren't on other albums. Any ideas about how best to do that?

Haven't been on the site for a while but have just come across this. Am in awe of the work you must have put into this. Absolutely superb work.

Cheers Stevie,

Glad you like it. It's a work in progress so if you have any input I'd be glad to hear your thoughts.

Best wishes

With 'Blue Boy', 'Poor Old Soul' and a couple more Postcard singles
Good stuff Gary,
Just to let you know some of us are still plugging, or plucking, away using your chords as the basis for our efforts.
Thanks again,



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