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A reply from GM and the world seems a much nicer place!

Grace, it was great to get a response from you, many thanks for taking the time out. I'm counting off the days until the Bloomsbury show, and happy ending is definitely the best way to describe it. My very best wishes to you, Edwyn, Will and the whole family. (You realise you have a lot to answer for, as I will now become a serial blogger!)

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School Journey to SHANKLIN I.O.W. 1929

“When August is here and our lessons are done,

The Island of Wight is the Island of Fun.”

Doris Mankerts, St Paul’s School, Tottenham, M7

Fourteen days in the Isle of Wight


Our First Day


We left Waterloo at 8.40am having said farewell to our relatives and friends.

Lovely sunshine and blue skies helped to make the journey a very pleasant one.

From Portsmouth Harbour we went to the Dockyard… Continue

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Who's going to the Bloomsbury Ballroom then!

I hope this makes it out there somewhere for someone to read, cos I'm not too good at this kinda thing!
I'm halfway through the book and I'm not sure 'enjoying it' is the right way to describe it, but it's a truly inspiring read.
I'm all chuffed up this weekend after getting tickets for the Bloomsbury show on 7th Nov. Can't wait, I'm sure it'll be a belter. Anyone else going?
Keep at it Edwyn, we're all with you.

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Isle of Wight...Eighty Years On

I must have been fourteen or fifteen when I went on my school trip to the Isle of Wight. It was with my geology class; an exploration of what is now known as the Jurassic coast. The British tourist industry obviously recognised the marketability of many young peoples’ obsession with dinosaurs and fossils and gave the Dorset coast the honour of being Britain’s Jurassic Park. Not only this, UNESCO awarded the area World Heritage Site status, further recognising its magical appeal but also its… Continue

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Bloody brains

Hi Edwyn and all,

I had the misfortune to suffer a stroke in 07, mine was a blockage rather than a bleed. The effetcs were remarkably similar to Edwyns.. walking limited use of hand( left in my case) and the reading probs.

I was aware before my event that Edwyn had suffered his stroke, and had followed all the info I could.

It really was useful to me to see that it wasn't the end of things, which I think most stroke suffers think at some point... and It helped me realise it was… Continue

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You are an inspiration

Hi Edwyn, I saw the BBC documentary last night following your progress since your brain heamorrhage. It was truely moving. I too suffered a brain haumorrhage a little less than four months ago and am still in recovery. I was very, very fortunate not to suffer any long term physical deficit but I am currently struggling with some cognitive functions. Making decisions, memory problems, that sort of thing. I wanted to say thank you for showing such courage and determination - you are an… Continue

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Strange week

What a strange week?? Monday afternoon i was in my local town and heard the O.J classic rip it up much toe tapping followed then on wednesday treated my wife to a "El cheapo" pub supper and what should come on but "Girl like you" MORE toe tapping and "Air vocals" by me and the missus could it get any freaky??? yep the "Home again" docu comes on !!! now tell me that isnt a higher calling :)

take care one and all x

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The Guardian feature on Grace's book...

Edwyn Collins: The road to recovery

I also found these articles from The Times and The Big Issue. Sorry if they have been mentioned here before, this site can be a bit confusing!…


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Dear Edwyn & Grace

Dear Edwyn & Grace,

Bit of a bIast from the past, I used to run a company called Direct Tour Hire.

You and the band spent about two / three years in one of our tourbuses - all over Europe, around the time of 'A girl like you'.

Apologies for not being in touch, been away for a while and new nothing of your illness, until I came across 'Home Again'.

I was truly moved to see your strength of spirit and the bravery you have shown with your recovery, is truly… Continue

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Glasgow 25th October.

Arghhhhh!I have tickets to see Michael MacIntyre that night.Och well I always wanted to visit Helmsdale since readin Falling and Laughing.The book has had a profound effect on all of my family.My 11 yr old wee boy now regularly refers to me as Shouty McShoutington of Shoutytown and not always minus the expletive!On the plus side,he and his12 yr old brother were quite excited to show me something,after I had been away at a Conference in Sheffield for a few days.The two of them then started… Continue

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Falling and laughing

Just heard about the book today, can't wait to read it! I'm guessing that writing it was a therapeutic experience in itself!? think of you 3 often. Pipx

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Cant wait for the Mono gig tomorrow night, this'll be my first time seeing you live since Glasgow Tiffanys in 1980something (supporting The Undertones), I'm sure I saw OJ in Night Moves too, but I cant remember if this was before or after the Tiffany's.
All the best for both tomorrow's gigs!

Added by Barry McLuskie on September 9, 2009 at 22:37 — 2 Comments

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