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Burdon & WAR

just had to post this ...

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check this

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Edwyn Collins at the Sydney Festival

Just seen Edwyn in concert in the wonderful Spiegeltent, amazing show full of beautiful music and positive energy. Have to admit I cried through the opening 'falling and Laughing'. Edwyn - Sydney loves you along with James and Carwyn. Last night's Parramatta gig received a great review in the Sydney Morning Herald. Don't leave it another 18 years before you come back again.

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One of the All-time Greats!

I will never forget the day I was shopping in a clothing store in a mall, and I heard a new song come on over the loudspeaker.  I was riveted by how COOL it was...."A Girl Like You."  I found out who it was and bought the album that day.  I've worn out several copies of it over the years.  It remains a freaking MASTERPIECE in music history.  I rank it easily in the top 20 albums of all time.  Of course, Edwyn has made a lot of great music throughout his career, but for that album alone he…


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Best Album of 2013

I wanted to let you know that Understated is my pick for the best album of 2013. Thank you Edwyn for this fine album. Peace and best of health to you.

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Coals to Newcastle review

and this

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Bible Belt

just found this

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Please take a look

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The hunt for My beloved Girl!!!!!

Being a long standing Edwyn and Orange Juice fan, I have recently searched to find a digital or cd copy of My Beloved Girl. It was a 7" single that my brother once owned, but has since vanished! Can anyone point me in the direction to find a digital copy? your help would be very greatly appreciated. As an aside, I have also tried to find the lyrics online so at least I can sing the tune in my head as I only remember half a dozen lines, alas it isnt on any of the "lyrics search engines"…


Added by David Thomas on August 28, 2013 at 7:17 — 2 Comments

Greenman set was great thanks. Double bonus when I purchased the new record on vinyl and found the cd version was free inside.

yes yes yes it's the Greenman festival the truly delectable green man festival

Added by Paul Riddiford on August 19, 2013 at 20:29 — No Comments

Looking forward Edwyn and guys at Greenman this week

Our first Greenman this year and guess what, Edwyn and the band are there. Double bonus. Hope the elusive Welsh sunshine presents itself.

Any requests: I've got it bad

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OJ Vids

Just found this

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tom rush

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terry reid

Heres a good one

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Todd is  worth watching

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excuse me, good people, I have to share this which I have just located

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Im just back from mr Rundgren at glasgow o2. wonderful , fascinating, insparational...I think

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lest WE forget

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Dear Edwyn and Grace,

 Please take Siobhan under your AED wings


Yours sincerely,


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Life and Career of Edwyn Collins by Magic Learning

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Cuban culture

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Times Sounds Podcast 2007 ?

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Could anyone point me towards a copy of this podcast - the links I find don't seem to work. I remember it having a particularly fine live version of Home Again.Many thanks Continue

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general talk

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hey guys!whats new  hope everyone is doing okay.Continue

Randy Travis

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Thought this might be of interest:

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