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Hey Grace! This is Chele.

We met at San Sebastian while driking a beer at the counter, just before Edwyn started his show. I was with my lovely girlfriend Marina. Do you remember us? We talked about stopping by next summer (not 2013's) at your brand new home in the highlands. The gig was really great and fun, what a shame we didn´t say hello to Edwyn! Well, maybe in 2014.

Best wishes from us two. Kisses!

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Im not sure but check this

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Rip it up vid

The link =

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Glasgow gig pics

another good link

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Blue Boy video

Link to Blue Boy vid

Check the Link on the page to Bridge live

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Nite Club

Hello-hers an interesting link

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guitars for edwin

hi there i recently came across some midi guitar controllers that allow you to play with just your left hand when the string is pressed. might be worth looking into?

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Recovery is Ongoing

Hello, I really want to write about recovery,, and how important it is to take care of the things that are important in life.  There is no uncertain term when discovering new ground, but what's for sure is that it is really important to have people around you that are in for the ride, regardless of how weathered the storm becomes.  My story is long and varied, and full of loss mainly, but within that I have always held onto some faith that we will all meet up again, in the next life.   It is…


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Hello everyone!

I'm Becks from Christchurch NZ and a week after our first earthquake in Sept 2010 I fell down the stairs and landed on my cut things short...I was in a coma for 10 days, had half my skull out and out into a freezer for 2 months and when I became conscious again I was put in a ward and then to a rehab centre. I damaged the right side of my brain and the left side ear can't really hear, i can't feel anything in my left hand and i have Epilepsy. When the put my…


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I have just finished your book Grace, and your story and what you went through as a family and somehow managed to survive  has given me renewed hope for the future.  My husband suffered a similar brain hemorrhage to Edwyn on 4 November 2011 and spent 16 weeks in the Southern General Hospital Glasgow. He has severe aphasia both…


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Judas in Blue Jeans

Does anyone have a recording of this song that they could post?  

I'm sure I used to have in on cassette somewhere but I can't find it.  It was a b side around the time of 50 shades of blue.  I love it and only have it in my head now :(



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Goodbye indie, hello chooglin'

Thanks to @ jamiemoir for establishing that the night my life changed was:


A life changing event for me, aged about 13 or so, I can tell you. My tunes, my clothes, my understanding of pop culture, my hair (that one never worked: a curlytop lad can never really win the struggle for a decent quiff, though god knows I tried) were never the same…


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Gorgeous George, le poisson rouge écossé cum eminence grise et tyrant's chum?

The identity of this mysterious confiture-y sod would be blindingly obvious had Edwyn written this song 15-20 years later than he did. But of course en ceux early jours, il était un grande pike dans un (relatively) small pond.

N'est-ce pas Dada?


PS Vote Gorge!

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The beauty of "The Black Session" (si that's the correct English translation)

For many years, if held at gunpoint by rock fascists compiling The Ultimate Top 20,000 Best Albums Ever, I would have had to declare a preference for The Orange Juice as the fullest expression of our boy's genius on a single record. Listening to a lot of the Collins/Juice canon at the moment, and I think if this dangerous critical menace were to burst in on me and my collection and require a choice, I'd have to declare a preference for The Black Session.

If nothing else, this…


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Accoustic Version of ´Losing Sleep`

Hey there,

I´ve just found this version of ´Losing Sleep` good! And please: More videos and versions and tracks like that:-)

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'tis the season...

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Albums everyone should own/Yahoo list

One of the front page headline articles on yahoo had a link to Albums Everyone Should Own In The First Half of 2011.  Edwyn was featured.;_ylt=AgE6tJQrnQ8ddsiLb2d5ymLLwSUv

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Hi Grace and Edwyn,


Just finished reading your book "The Restoration..." and wanted to congratulate you on an amazing acievement both literay and endurance wise. An incredible journey which touched me greatly. Your prose ensured that the reader was in those hospital wards and waiting rooms and mouths were absently caught smiling when you and Edwyn achieved another milestone or success.

You spoke of the amazing forsight with regard to Edwyn's prophecy in his lyrics to…


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Hi Edwyn


I hope you read this blog. I just wanted to say how blown away I was by your set at Latitude on Friday, both musically and emotionally. The journey you've made to making great music again left me feeling tremendously uplifted.


Cheers fella.



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Re Scam email on your site?

Hello Edwyn


Sorry I didn't know how to contact you apart from your blog but just to say, you sent me a scam email which I just wanted to worn (spelt wrong, I'm sure?!) I have aphasia too!


On a different subject, I got your 'Home Again ' CD last year which is fab!


Take care, Cressida  

Added by Cressida Melanie Laywood on May 30, 2011 at 9:04 — 1 Comment

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